Fleishmann Planetarium

Fleishmann Planetarium

The interactive panorama of The Fleishmann Planetarium features an assortment of interactive elements. As you interact with the tour, keep your eye open for some of these elements.

To interact with the panorama, simply use your mouse click and drag within the panorama to view the entire panorama. If you are using a mobile device, press the screen with your finger and move for the same effect.

Some tours include multiple nodes (locations) and use hotspots to connect the nodes together. Be on the lookout for these hotspots, which will notify you that you may proceed to another area when you scroll over the hotspot. 

There is a menu towards the bottom of the tour with some buttons for a more manual use. The menu also includes buttons for the media info and fullscreen option.

Some tours feature information and media hotspots. Click on these hotspots to learn more about some of the features in the tour, or to view a select image. Some tours will also feature images and videos embedded within the panorama itself. Click on the images or the video for a more immersive effect!