All Around Breaking Bad

All Around Breaking Bad

AMC’s Breaking Bad really put Albuquerque on the map. The show was filmed almost entirely in Albuquerque, and the plot doesn’t shy away from using Albuquerque as the setting for the story.

This project is dedicated to documenting many of the shooting locations from the show in a more encompassing manner by using 360 multimedia to create virtual tours of filming locations.

Each “node” in this ongoing project features embedded elements which you are encouraged to engage with. Many tours will feature information hotspots and multimedia hotspots that toggle photos and videos from the show. Feel free to engage with these elements for a more immersive experience.

To interact with the panorama, simply use your mouse click and drag within the panorama to view the entire panorama. If you are using a mobile device, press the screen with your finger and move for the same effect.

There is a menu towards the bottom of the tour with some buttons for a more manual use. The menu also includes buttons for the media info and fullscreen option.